I am an independent journalist currently covering Brazilian affairs for the foreign media, such as The New York Times and Guardian. I also edit the environment and foreign policy website Diálogo Chino.

In more than a decade of experience, I have worked as a reporter and editor and published in other media outlets, including TIME magazine, BBC Brasil, and National Geographic. I hold a master's degree in Financial Journalism from Aarhus University (Denmark) and City University London (United Kingdom).

I cover breaking news but am also interested in delving into overlooked stories in Brazil, especially those at the intersection of politics, economics, and the environment. I seek to empower people and communities to share their lives and translate local intricacies to foreign audiences.

I live in Rio de Janeiro and I believe that a yoga session or a quick dive in the sea are the best medicines.


Sou jornalista independente e hoje cubro principalmente assuntos do Brasil para veículos estrangeiros, como New York Times e Guardian. Também edito o site de meio ambiente e política externa Diálogo Chino.

Em mais de uma década de experiência, trabalhei como repórter e editora e publiquei em outros veículos, como O Globo, BBC Brasil, revista TIME e National Geographic. Tenho um mestrado em Jornalismo Financeiro pela Universidade de Aarhus (Dinamarca) e City University London (Reino Unido).

Cubro notícias factuais e estou sempre à procura de narrativas pouco exploradas no Brasil, especialmente aquelas na interseção de política, economia e meio ambiente. Busco empoderar indivíduos e comunidades a contar suas histórias e destrinchar as complexidades do país para audiências daqui e de fora.

Vivo no Rio de Janeiro e acredito que ioga e mergulho no mar são remédio para quase tudo.

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Prêmios I Awards

2020: Deadline Club Award│ Finalista na categoria ambiental │ Finalist of the environmental category (contributed reporting) TIME 

2018: Hostwriter Prize │ Finalista do prêmio de reportagem │ Story Prize Shortlist Mongabay News.

2017: Prêmio Inep de Jornalismo │ Segundo lugar na categoria Estatísticas Educacionais │Second place in the Educational Statistics category │Projeto Colabora

2015: Prêmio MPT de Jornalismo │Vencedora da categoria Impresso Nacional │ Winner of the National Print category O Globo.

2015: Excellence in Journalism Award from the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) │ Finalista na categoria Direitos Humanos │ Finalist in the Human Rights category  O Globo.

2015: Prêmio de Jornalismo da Massey Ferguson │ Terceiro lugar geral │ Third place overall  O Globo.

2015: Prêmio Longevidade de Jornalismo │ Reportagem pré-selecionada │ Report preselected │ O Globo.

2013: Prêmio Esso │ Finalista na categoria Divulgação Científica e Ambiental │ Finalist in the Science and Environment category O Globo

2013: Prêmio de Jornalistas e Cia/HSBC de Sustentabilidade │ Grupo vencedor da categoria regional Sudeste │ Group winner of the Southeast regional category │ O Globo.  

2013: Prêmio Allianz de Sustentabilidade │ Finalista geral │  Overall finalist │ O Globo

2011: Prêmio Abrelpe de Reportagem │ Grupo vencedor na categoria Impresso │ Group winner of the Print Press categoryO Globo-Niterói

"Flávia is an intelligent, thorough and dedicated professional who is adept at reporting, editing and management. She has played a crucial role of the growth of our startup; is not at all phased by challenging conditions and is always more than willing to take on whatever tasks the situation requires. She is also highly conscientious and is very much a professional who can be relied upon."

Matt Sandy, founder at Wide Avenues

"Flávia is probably the best reporter I worked with. She has a rare sense of the news and she knows how to go for it, hearing different sources, reaching numbers, and data. Besides all that, she knows how to write for the internet, and also how to build a long article. I would say she's ready for any job that comes along."

Viviane Nogueira, editor at O Globo

"Flávia is a persistent, meticulous and very accurate reporter. While we were working together at O Globo, I could repeatedly witness how fair and socially involved she is. She clearly sticks to her principles - and, yet, is flexible enough to adapt in order to enhance the group performance. I strongly recommend Flávia's work as a journalist."

Alessandro Soler, editor at O Globo 

Alicia Prager
People from the Cerrado traditional community of Ponte de Mateus, Northeastern Brazil, describe the impacts of soybean monoculture in the region

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